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Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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  • What type of leather do you use?
    We use 100% full grain leather in the highest quality.
  • What is the difference between full grain leather and genuine leather?
    Full grain leather has the tighest bonded fibers which means the strongest durabilty and longest lasting leather for this reason. Full grain leather is the best quality as it hasn't been otherwise altered. Whereas, genuine leather is made up of the loosest fibers in the hide which takes a process to create the leather you typically see in this form. So when you hear "genuine" leather you are not actually getting the best quality leather you can, even though it sounds that way. The quality goes down as it gets closer to the flesh, from full grain being the best, then top grain and then finally genuine leather and suede at the bottom as the collagen bundles become looser in each level down.
  • Where do you source your leather from?
    We source our leather locally here in Canada from OA Leather Supply and Lonsdale Leather Supply. OA Leather Supply is an amazing leather supplier from Wilkie, Saskatchewan where we are both originally from and grew up. Lonsdale Leather is located in Vancouver, BC nice an close to where we live now.
  • Do you take on custom orders?
    We are focused mainly on our limited stock drops of one of a kind items, though we are always willing to take on custom orders based on how far our order log is backed up. We have had an amazing amount of support from the beginning which we are so very grateful for, which only means that we can be a bit backed up at times. Always send your inquries our way though as we are happy to work with you to design a custom piece for you or someone special. We have made Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and anniversary gifts so far so send your ideas our way and we can work some magic together.
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